The Watchers Revenge on Lucifer:

When it is complete, there will be seven books in this series.


Book One:
Evil Dominates the watchers New World!


The best of all stories always has a truly explosive beginning, a mixture of an ongoing battle of good and evil, and enveloped in a hidden, but soon to be revealed, truth. This story is no exception. It all began about six thousand years ago but, has an even darker and more sinister involvement with events of today and the abysmal future. The earth, as we know it today was still in its infant stage. Things began to change in the sixth generation from Adam. Such an evil sickle thrust itself into the generations of the Earth, which distorted it so badly that the only way to describe it would be an abomination. It began on a mountain known, by Heaven, as the mountain of God but known, by the peoples of the Earth, as Mount Hermon. The people of the Earth named this Mount Hermon because it was here that The Sons of God entered into a willful agreement, which cursed each one of them. Here on this mountain, were a collection of Angels called “The Watchers.” The Watchers dwelled on this mountain to, as their name implies, watch over God’s creation. Included in this group were Azazel, Lucifer, and Semjaza. These, along with the other Watchers, changed God’s creation, so much; that it almost became the undoing of all human life. These events, along with what happened directly afterward, gave rise to the destruction of the abomination, which infected God’s creation, saving only eight people and two of every kind of animal. The reconciliation that followed and a future revenge, not spoken of in any text until now, will be revealed. Anyone reading this story will find, in horrifying detail, the way things were and how they will soon be once again. Here is a warning to the reader; this is not the typical Biblical story, nor will it paint such a brief description of events soon to come, as does the Book of Revelation.

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