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Taser Guns Accessories

The Holsters can be shipped to any state but the cartridges and Magazines have restrictions in certain states.
They are as Follows
: Restricted from consumer use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, HI, District of Columbia, and certain cities and counties. The buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws
prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a TASER.

Taser X2 Defender Blackhawk Right Hand Holster

Taser X2 Defender Blackhawk
Right Hand Holster

Left Handed ones available as well! If you need the left handed one type "LEFT" into the comments when you check out

D4S22501: $94.95

Taser Pulse Training
Cartridges - 2 Pack

Taser C2 Training Cartridges 2 Pack. The Blue training cartridges are 15ft range training or 'simulation' cartridges.
They contain a primer, gas capsule, probes, non-serialized tags and non-conductive wires. The BLUE training cartridges fire like a live cartridge but do not have the ability to cause neuro-muscular incapacitation and should not be used for self-defense. The training cartridge will not cause the metallic target to 'crackle' and 'spark' in a demonstration. Compatible ONLY with the following products:
TASER C2 series.

D4S37217: $79.95