The Red Light Therapy Sleeping Bag 
2 Sizes to Choose From

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  1. Full Body 360 degree Care Red Light Therapy Bag
  2. Sizes to choose from: larger 3'x6' and Smaller size: 2'x6'
  3. Wavelengths Ratio 660nm:850nm giving you the best results in slimming down, reducing inflammation, restoring collagen, Opening restricted Blood vessels, and overall health 
  4. It's an ideal option for home use  
  5. Set the Timing to 15/30/45/60 minutes, and the light turns off automatically.
  6. Pulse mode gives you better treatment and the heat of the pad is reduced.
  7. 3 Light Model: red light only, near-infrared light only, combined red & near-infrared
    for more desired effect.

Choose the size you like best

2'X6': $904.97

3'X6': $1398.97