A Better View and a brief hisotry of this Sanmai Lamination Damascus Blade

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The Liubei Jian's shape and structure is according to the Chinese Three Kingdoms Dynasty Character and Chinese traditional construction methods. The blade is crafted with high carbon steel 1045+1065+1095 to foleded steel,and is formed by thousand of hand forging. Special clay is applied to the blade, and heat the blade at 750℃ to form the real hamon. This process will produce a hard edge and soft the back after water quenching. Broading polished through numerous coursed by handcraft, with point lines, razor sharp edge, fine clear temper line, surface to a lustrous, and dimpled finish. It's functional and a great artwork for display. LiubeiJian. Follow the sword of the Liubei in the Three Kingdoms Period,  Liubei A.D161-A.D223