A Better View and a brief hisotry of this Ruyi Jian Damascus Blade

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Sword shaving is a long history of more than 2600 years in China. Stone swords were used in prehistoric times. The Chinese grouped all swords into two types, Jian and Dao. Jian are dual edged and Dao are single edged. The first Chinese sources that mention the Jian date to the 7th century BCE during the Spring and Autumn Period. One of the earliest specimens being the Sword of the GouJian made byO'yezi, who was the ancestor of swordsmith. Chinese sword is beginning with the small city-Longquan in China. It's characterized by strong and sharp, soft and hard, shining and delicatesince each sword is made through 28 procedures, including forging, shoveling, filing, carving, grinding, etc. Elegant craftsmanship makes the well known and the excellent
reputation extend all over the world.
Ruyi Jian: Follow the sword of the Han Dynasty B.C.202-A.D.220