Red Light Therapy Slippers


Newly Designed Red Light Therapy Walking Slippers for Women and Men.
Red Light Therapy results in a Thermal effect that promotes better circulation, stimulates cell repair, stimulates collagen production, relieves foot pain, and relaxes the foot muscles. 

  • Perfect performance for foot treatments, such as pain relief, allowing you to enjoy the fun of massage anytime, anywhere.
  • Each led diode has three chips at 1 pc 660nm, 1 pc 850nm, and 1 pc 940nm. The infrared led which are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Portable design so you can use it in different situations. The infrared light therapy instrument supports two power supply modes: DC and AC. It can be connected to a mobile power/power bank or AC power.
  • Infrared technology is more beneficial in treating deep wounds and relieving muscle and joint pain.
  • The combination of red and infrared light increases blood circulation through a thermal effect that provides pain relief.

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