The Red Light Therapy Chin Strap

For reducing Double Chin - Clearing Acne - Tightening the skin

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 Here is how it works

This whole field of health is called photobiomodulation, which means light is used to affect the body’s cells. Light vibrates at a certain frequency and when it activates the cells, it’s called photobiomodulation. 
660 nm – This wavelength is effective for healing burns, repairing cosmetic issues, diminishing scars, and repairing dermatological conditions (Such as acne and double chin).

The 660nm wavelength:

  1. It Targets fat cells and breaks them down.
  2. Led light therapy at 660 nm activates an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase
  3. cytochrome c oxidase opens the pores in fat cells and breaks down carbohydrates for energy from the foods you eat
  4. The fat cells then deflate like a balloon
  5.  This modulates inflammation and increases nitric oxide production
  6. increases circulation
  7. enhances relaxation
  8. improves sleep.
  9. It lowers stress,
  10. when stress hormones are lowered, you can get the best results with weight loss
  11. Helps reset the circadian rhythms in the body so you can feel more in charge of your life.
  12. Below is what comes with your Red Light Therapy Chin Strap


Material  Comes With  Timer and uses  Treatments
9- 660nm Red Lights  Red Light Therapy Chin Strap  20-minute timer  Rest for 15-30 minutes between treatments
6- 850nm Infrared Lights  Power Cord can be used multiple times a day  Drink water to replenish the body
 LED Lights to reduce inflammation  USB cord  The area to be used is 6-inches  Begin another treatment

D4SRLTDCH: $94.89