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Chargers and Battery Packs

You will find charger here to keep those batteries charged!

9-volt Energizer Eveready Alkaline Battery


We recommend the 9-volt Energizer Eveready Alkaline Battery. Other batteries will not work as well with our products (ie Stun Guns).  The more you buy, the better deal you get. Choose the quantity you want from the drop down menu below

D4SB-1: $10.95
D4SB-5: $28.54
D4SB-10: $54.95


12 Volt Power Supplies


12 Volt Power Supply

D4SAC-12500: $21.95

12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Pack


12 Volt Rechargeable 300mAh

D4SBP-12300: $34.95

Garrett Battery Recharger Kit 110v


Garrett Battery Recharger Kit 110v

D4S1610200: $44.95

Garett's Metal Detector
Recharge Battery Kit


Includes two (2) environmentally friendly Cadmium-free Ni-MH batteries and charger. For use with CSI PRO-POINTER, SuperWand, THD, and SuperScanner V.

D4S1612000: $44.95

9 Volt Power Supply


9 Volt Power Supply

D4SAC-9500: $19.95

24 Volt Power Supply


24 Volt Power Supply, 20VA, Screw Terminal

D4SAC-2420: $29.95

Charger for Battery Pack


Charger for Battery Pack

D4SBP-12300CH: $44.95

Garrett Battery Recharger Kit 220v


Garrett Battery Recharger Kit 220v

D4S1610800: $49.95

Lithium-Ion Covert Battery Pack 12v 4500mAH


12.6VDC Lithium Rechargeable
Battery and Charger

D4SBP-124500: $69.95