Breast Enhancement and Butt Lifter


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Principle of rhythm physical suction

1. It employs bionic technology, leads estrogen to the breast, and makes the breast an active target, in this way to make breast fat accumulate and enlarge the breasts.

2. The strong movement can give the muscle a plentiful exercise, meanwhile stimulating the perspire of estrogen, in this way to get natural breast care.

3. The suction can give exercise to musculature and improve its elasticity so that to lift the breasts and make them firm. The suction and releasing movement can give stimulation to chest muscle and mammary glands, finally stimulating the growth of the breast.

4. The function can get through lymphatic, accelerate lymph circulation, which can get a good effect to eliminate tumefaction, and defends against breast disease.


1) Vacuum and Release
The breast will be stimulated a lot by regular movements of vacuum and release, to excrete estrogen actively by the woman`s own body. And the surrounding fat will be gathered to enlarge the breast. Besides, the lymphatic system will be improved effectively to get rid of toxins and make the breast firm.

2) Vibration Massage
Regular vibration can actively exercise muscle, and stimulate and accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, making breasts firm with energy.

3) Photon Therapy
Photon treatment can promote absorption of essence to the breast, helping a lot to tender and smooth skin. Microcurrent treatment is traditional and very effective

4) Micro-current Stimulation
Microcurrent treatment is traditional and very effective for skin lifting. It stimulates in-depth cells to improve the regulation of energy to decompose and dilute skin melanin, provides energy, and promotes regeneration to improve firmness and elasticity, helping replenish water to retain moisture.

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