Camera Accessories


Camera Brackets, Camera Housing, 8 Hour VHS Tape,

Amplified Microphone, Audio Pick Up Microphone, 2.4 GHz Receiver

4 Channel, Passive Baluns 8GB Memory Card, and

Memory Card Reader


Camera Brackets 

Camera brackets are used to mount cameras to ceilings, walls and buildings.
BR-211-MW Camera Bracket 4" to 6"
Curved with Ceiling Clip

BR-211-MW- $12.00

8 Hour VHS Tape

This is a standard 8 hour VHS cassette tape. It can be used in any VCRs.

VHS-8 - $12.00

Memory Card Reader

Lets you conveniently transfer still shots and video recordings from memory cards to mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, PDAs and other devices.

SD-READ $13.00

8GB Memory Card 

8 GB memory card used to store highquality digital still shots and video camera recordings. Can be used in any of our hidden cameras
with built-in DVR. 8 GB Memory Card

SD-CARD $43.00

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8GB or standard

Camera Housing

Protect your cameras from weather and vandalism. 12” indoor/outdoor aluminum housing and 8 inch aluminum mounting bracket. 12" Housing

HOU-12 $57.00

Passive Baluns 

Passive baluns allow you to boost your signal when you have to use multiple cables so you don't loose quality. Easy installation. Built-in
surge protector. Can extend cable up to 1800 feet for black & white, 1200 feet for color without loss of transmission.

Balun NT-601 $21.00 (Pair)

2.4 GHz Receiver - 4 Channel



Receive up to 4 channels of wireless video with transmitters and receiver. Built-in directional antenna and manual channel switcher.
Includes:  RCA video outputs, power supply and RCA cable.

2.4 GHz Transmitter & Receiver
TR-2.4 $160.00

 2.4 GHz High Power Transmitter & Receiver

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